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Trees at the end of East Street


National Highways has advised us that the works to replace the dead trees at the end of East Street will take place this month.

The trees which were planted to provide invaluable screening from the bridge were not watered by National Highways and left to die. National Highways has assured us that this time they have a minimum monthly watering schedule from April to September which can be increased or decreased depending on the weather. Water will be brought to the site by bowser and dispersed with a low pressure hose. National Highways is proposing to plant Prunus laurocerasus as a replacement species for the majority of the ‘screening line’. It is hoped that this species will be more robust. These trees will form a good solid boundary over the coming years while the existing and establishing native tree stock to the south has more time to grow.

An arrangement of Fagus sylvatica Dawyck trees is also proposed. These trees are fastigiate and are to be planted near to the curve of the footbridge to screen the neighbouring rear gardens. The proposed re-planting / additional planting strategy also allows for the remaining tall Cupressocyparis leylandii to remain in place to provide further screening.