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Climate Change Initiatives

Climate for Change

The following are considered to be carbon reducing initiatives that the Parish Council should work on:

• Planting of trees and shrubs.
• Planting of wildflower meadows.
• Support residents to recycle.
• Apply for grants for energy saving projects.
• Share initiatives with residents.

We plan to share updates on carbon reducing initiatives and to also share information on how you as residents can help.

See our Climate Change Action Plan and overall Action Plan.

These photos of the recreation ground from pre-1940s and current demonstrate how it is managed and maintained to maximise carbon capture. Grassland, trees and hedges contribute as a carbon sink. The Recreation Ground Committee is committed to a programme of trees and hedge planting and grassland management including rain water harvesting. Around 2,500 saplings have been planted. All of this has been achieved from a voluntary effort ie. at no cost to the community.