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Transporters offloading vehicles on to the A20

Offloading on the A20

The Parish Council continue to be flabbergasted by the decision of the Planning Officers at T&MBC to remove a planning condition that a turning circle had to be provided on the Big Motoring World site.

The turning circle has never been installed and the Parish Council has been fighting for its installation for over a decade. In the summer the owner submitted an application to remove this condition which was granted. T&MBC has confirmed that are now no conditions which prevent the offloading of vehicles onto the A20.

We have considered installing double yellow lines but KCC has advised that offloading is still permitted on yellow lines so these would not prevent the problem.

KCC has suggested that the Parish Council might want to try raising a complaint with the LGSCO (Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman) regarding T&MBC’s decision to remove the condition for the turning provision of car transporters within the site.