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Proposed West Malling Sandpit

A message from Ryarsh Parish Council:

Unfortunately there have been delays in getting this matter onto the Agenda for the KCC Committee to consider, but we understand this is now likely to take place on 28 November.

The Ryarsh Protection Group and Ryarsh Parish Council have been very active in bringing attention to these plans and encouraging objections.  The site would cause extra traffic in an already congested area, bring heavy lorries onto unsuitable country roads, cause the potential for serious accidents when slow lorries join the fast moving A20, create dust and noise for nearby houses and potentially affect the health and well being of residents and children at the Local Primary School which is down wind of the site.  It would also blight an area of natural beauty, and cause destruction in an area that has already endured 70 years or quarrying and is now at least enjoying peace and quiet.

The Ryarsh Protection Group have been incredibly successful in getting support for their petition against the quarry.  That petition is open until 5th November, and can be signed by anyone on the  electoral register – you do not have to live in the village of Ryarsh.  Please go to   A copy of the West Malling Sandpit Residents Update Oct 18 is available to download here.

We would be very grateful if you are able to circulate details of this petition and the RPG update, so that anyone who objects to the proposals has the opportunity to sign.  The Ryarsh Protection Group hope to get over 3,000 signatures.

Members of public are encouraged to attend the KCC Committee hearing, although they are not able to speak.  We hope this will take place on 28 November, but will provide you with more details.  The Ryarsh Protection Group are encouraging as many people as possible to attend in a show of support for the Village and against the Quarry which will have detrimental effects on the whole area.