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Nu-Venture ‘Shopper’s Bus’ – No. 58

Nu-Venture bus

A message from Nu-Venture

Hello. Here is a timetable pdf for the no. 58 service which is affected by February’s round of cuts to buses currently supported by Kent County Council.

We are grateful for the support and interest of many – this will see Nu-Venture continue (until July 2023) a ‘shoppers return bus’ facility on one day a week:

  • Main points served by the 58 ‘shoppers bus’ on Fridays starting 17 February will be Borough Green, Wrotham, Trottiscliffe, Ryarsh, W/E Malling. It will allow a stay of just over 2 hours in Maidstone.

Our initiative will keep this service alive until July 2023 when, hopefully, a more permanent solution will take effect. Please drop me an e-mail if you would like more information.

Kind regards

Norman Kemp
Director and Company Secretary