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Addington Highways Improvement Plan

For many years the Parish Council has been pursuing a reduction in the speed limit on the A20 through Addington.  We have re-opened discussions with KCC Highways and have the full support of County Councillor Sarah Hohler.  The first step is to carry out some more speed surveys and these will be carried out this month and will be used to determine what measures can be taken.

A Highway Improvement Plan (HIP) is a method whereby KCC will consult with Parish Councils to create a plan for highway improvements. The idea is for the Parish Council to list their ideas for improvements in priority order with as much information as possible to allow KCC officers to then investigate the ideas initially as a desk top study and then be able to discuss the ideas a little more in depth. The benefit of this approach is that there is then an agreed document setting out the various schemes and the recommended action going forward. KCC have no specific allocation of funding for a HIP. KCC see it as an opportunity to work with Parish Councils with the potential for possibly jointly funding projects or looking to Parishes to fund a scheme possibly in conjunction with the local KCC Member and his grant fund.

See a copy of the Highways Improvement Plan for Addington here.