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URGENT UPDATE FOR PATIENTS Borough Green Medical Practice – Coronavirus

After an unprecedented week, and in order to continue to reduce the risk to our vulnerable patients and our staff, this is the current situation at the Surgery:

APPOINTMENTS: All future routine GP appointment are now CANCELLED until further notice.

DAILY ACUTE TRIAGE: A daily acute triage service will be run for telephone consultations. Our receptionists will take your details and a GP will call you back on the telephone.

CORONAVIRUS: We are and will continue to experience phenomenal demand on our services. We ask that if you are concerned about Coronavirus please access information online at or by calling 111 if you do not have access to the internet.

NURSES APPOINTMENTS: Some appointments will continue for the moment but our nursing staff will call you before the appointment to check you do not have potential coronavirus symptoms and will advise you if your appointment should go ahead. If you are self-isolating, please do not attend for your appointment and let us know by telephone.

DISPENSARY: Due to high demand we have had to change our dispensary opening hours to allow the staff to have time to process prescriptions. For the immediate future the dispensary will be open from 9am to Noon and from 3pm to 6pm Monday to Friday. Please monitor our website to keep abreast of any changes to these times. We are allowing one person at the dispensary window at a time so please queue outside until it is your turn and maintain social distancing guidelines of standing at least 2 metres apart.

REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS: Please allow at least 72 hours for processing. Please don’t over request your medication or request it too early (until you have 7 days of medication remaining) as this will be automatically rejected by GP’s. There is a letter box outside the surgery where you can place your repeat prescription requests. Alternatively, please use the form on our website or order online.

PRIVATE MEDICAL REPORTS: For the time being we have suspended acceptance of new insurance/medical and other such reports.  The only exceptions to this will be forms for Universal Credit/ESA and the DVLA.  Reports that have been accepted will be very substantially delayed in the current circumstances.  Please do not contact the surgery to chase us.

ASTHMA PUMPS: If you do not have a recent diagnosis of asthma, please do not request asthma pumps.

ISOLATION NOTICE: If you have self-isolated for 7/14 days you DO NOT NEED A FIT NOTE from your GP.  Please follow the link for Government advice on how you can get an isolation notice:

BLOOD/XRAY FORMS, REFERRAL PAPERWORK & OTHER FIT NOTES: Please do not attend to pick up unless told specifically to do so by the GPs.  All essential paperwork will be posted to you.

These changes will hopefully mitigate the damage that the coronavirus will otherwise do to our vulnerable patients and staff. We’ll try to keep our website updated on a regular basis. We also have a Facebook page – Borough Green Medical Practice which we will also update.

The Government advice is constantly being updated so please check the Coronavirus (COVID-19) link.

How can you help some other points

There is a COVID19 app to sign up to led by King’s College to monitor the spread. The Government need as many people to sign up to it so please help if you can.

Search Google or find the app in the Appstore or Google Play Store –

Set up a WhatsApp Group with neighbours who can share information and offer help. One person can shop for a group of others to limit the number of people in the shops.


Update as of Wednesday 25th March 2020

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